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The Smart Choice for Locating Underground

SitePro introduces the SmartTrak™ Series Magnetic Locators for locating ferrous metals underground- models ST101 and ST102. Precision-crafted ergonomic and balanced housing makes it easy for one-handed operation. Designed with robust housing and waterproof tube and tip (IP67) allows locating in the toughest environments.

The ST102 features patent pending Smart-Search Technology™ that indicates polarity and eliminates interference for easy locating around fences or other large metal objects.

The SmartTrak™ Series magnetic locators feature a large LCD screen provides easy-to-read visual search results–   0-99 numeric indicator with signal strength bar graph. High-grade speaker is waterproof for superior acoustic output. Gain (sensitivity) and volume settings are easy to adjust with the push of a button.

Proudly Made in the USA (of global components), SitePro guarantees the SmartTrak™ magnetic locator with a seven (7) limited warranty. Both models are packaged with six ‘AA’ alkaline batteries, durable carrying case, and user manual.

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